Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reopening My Coupon Blog.

I have abandoned working on this blog because I realized that I was passionate about more things than just couponing, and I didn't want to be reflected as just a coupon mom. 
I have lots of other things I wished to share and this blog just wasn't fulfilling my personal needs as a blogger.

Since then I have started VintageModMom and I love it!!!
However, I realize this blog still serves a very good purpose, so I think I'm going to reopen this blog and start construction immediately so that it can function as a coupon blog, also it will keep all these resources right where they need to be instead of overloading VintageModMom.

I am not making any formal promises as to when this site will be normally updated again AND furthermore it may only be updated once a week.
Running VintageModMom is already pretty intense and I'm still in the beginning stages.. so really, taking this blog on may be a huge mistake, but I'm going for it anyway.
Wish me luck. 


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