Okay!! Obviously you're here because you're ready to start saving some money!!
So let's jump in!!

*Couponing is different for everyone.. everyone buys different things, has different needs, schedules, family sizes, the list goes on and on etc.. but.. here is what I've found easiest for myself and my family!! 

Start with a detailed list.
I have had many failed shopping trips because I did not put together a good list.. 
Without a good list failure is almost definite.. 
Not only will you be overwhelmed by the sales, coupons etc, you will more than likely forget things that you really need and end up spending more money to retrieve these items..
So let's set up an example:

Grocery List
Lunch Meat

Okay these are some pretty general items.. 
Let's see if there are some coupons available..
You can do this by checking the coupon database.
The coupon database will tell you what coupons are available and where to find them.

Lunch Meat
$1/1 Bar-S Deli Shaved Lunchmeat (exp 08/03/2012) 
Sometimes you won't find a coupon for something you need. 
What then?
Check the sales.. I try really hard not to pay retail for anything.. 
and not because I'm cheap but because I don't have to.. 
Also offers coupons on their Archer Farms brand bread so be sure to check Target's coupons!
Winn Dixie has BOGO specials on bread all the time.. 
Also check in  your town for a discount bread store.. 
$1/2 Market Pantry Cheese Items, 5 oz+, TARGET coupon (exp 08/11/2012) 
$1/1 Pepperidge Farm Jingos Crackers (exp 08/03/2012) 

I suggest if you have common brands that you are accustomed to find their manufacturer site! I have a nice list of some here and the list is growing daily so check back often!
Also find their facebook pages.. or twitter pages.. These are also good places to find specific coupons..

Samples are great and usually come with coupons so check your manufacturer websites, Facebooks and Twitters!
Walmart and Target offer free samples from time to time as well so be sure to stop by those websites and see what you can find!!
If you're already signed up to receive information from your favorite products chances are you could end up with samples right in  your inbox!!

Okay let's talk about Newspapers!
Newspapers are a good place to find coupons.. but don't over do it. 
On average I usually only purchase 1 paper a week unless it's going to be packed!!
I always check out the preview before buying outrageous amounts of papers..
Burn out will definitely be in your future if you spend your entire Sunday couponing.. 
I can usually get my coupons clipped and somewhat sorted during my son's nap time..

Circular Day
Here on the Gulf Coast the weekly circulars come out on Wednesday. 
This is a fabulous thing. 
This is where you can match up your list items and coupons with sales!
Winn Dixie Circular
Target Circular
Walmart Circular
(Be sure that the zip code is correct to find deals in  your area!!)

I honestly stick to these 3 stores because it's what works for me. 
I know that the Drug Stores/Pharmacies have great deals too but that is just wayyy to much for me at this moment in time. 
In the future I may start shopping at other places, but for now it's just the big boys.. 

Why I choose these stores:
Winn Dixie: 
Winn Dixie has the best prices on meat and their BOGO deals are worth looking at.. 
Plus, they allow 2 coupons per BOGO.. 
You can learn more about Winn Dixie Rewards here

When I first heard that people were saving money shopping at Target I couldn't believe it. 
Target isn't super expensive but it's not your local discount store.. 
So how do people save money there?
Sales and Stacking Coupons!
Target allows one Target Web Coupon to be paired with one manufacturer coupon.
I've stocked up on some serious deals this way.
You can find their coupon policy here.

Although I do still shop at WalMart I have significantly cut them from my list/budget.
I used to shop exclusively at WalMart, without coupons, and I was spending about $600/mo on groceries.. 
Now, I spend less than $300 (in most cases) at WalMart. 

Coupon Organization
How you organize your coupons is going to depend on personal preference.
The coupon binders are very popular right now and have proven to be a great tool for couponers.. however, I have not adapted to the coupon binder but if you wish to get one for yourself you can find them at these sites or check Ebay and Amazon!

As for me, if you're curious, lol I make my store lists (usually 3 sometimes 2 if I skip Walmart) and pair my coupons with my list and stick them in a ziploc bag. 
So I usually have a ziploc for Target, Winn Dixie, and Walmart. 
My list is there and the coupons I plan to use are there.. 
I do keep my coupons with me in a separate binder in case there is an unadvertised deal but for the most part this helps me stay on track and not purchase things that I really don't need. 

The important thing is to start small. 
It's very possible to end up staring at hundreds of coupons wondering what in the world you're going to do lol. 
Trust me.
It's also possible to use coupons and not save any money at all or leave paying more.. 
Don't buy things you normally wouldn't buy just because there is a coupon..
But don't get discouraged.. couponing takes time, effort and planning.. 
Create small goals and work your way up!
Happy saving!!

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