Here are some great financial tools I have stumbled upon and use myself!! 

 I use this to keep track of where our finances are going.. also helps set budgets and has an app! I use it on my tablet. Love having the widget so I always know what my balance is :) 

This is my most recent discovery and I LOVE it!! There are sooo many fabulous tools on this site. It also helps you set goals and dreams and allows you to share on Facebook if you want! You can earn badges which qualifies you for a change to win cash prizes! This has been great for me since I'm just starting out, but this is useful for anyone!!! 

So I just opened a free account with LearnVest today and I already ADORE it!!!
Finances have never been easier!!
See where all your money is going, make budgets, make plans, get daily newsletters and get back on track!!

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