Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So I know my blog has been a bit stark lately, but I've been busy researching and working!
New things to look forward to:
Gobs of Mommy resources
More Work at Home Information
Financial Discussions
And lots more money saving deals!
-I am also preparing to become a .com!!
So everyone enjoy your Wednesday!
More updates to come later!

So here are some more ways to make a little bit of extra cash..
Earn some extra cash!!
This definitely isn't a "get rich quick" kind of thing but.. extra cash is always good.
Fill out surveys, do some tasks.. every little bit helps!
(Get $5 just for signing up!)
-You can redeem via check, paypal or direct deposit after earning $25

Free Money at FusionCash!

Swagbucks is another great way to earn some extra stuff!!
I'm finding new ways everyday to earn more points!
Use your points for gift cards etc!!
If surveys and watching tv isn't your thing then download the toolbar and do searches..
I earned 29 swagbucks yesterday on ONE search!
(Note that points vary and are not awarded EVERY time you search)

Search & Win
(Read about the Swagbucks Superstars here!)

And last but not least Cash Crate
Another good point/cash site!
(Surveys, offers, tasks, etc)
-Redeem cash after earning $20
Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

I am a member of all 3 of these sites!
They won't get you rich fast but you can make a little something on the side..
I recommend opening a special email account for these seeing as you will most likely get some spam..
I absolutely HATE spam so I use OtherInbox to keep it OUT of my regular email and so far I'm super impressed!
(So far= about 3-4 months now)
I rarely (if ever) receive spam anymore, it goes straight to the spam folder, which is fabulous because I get upwards of 1,000 spam messages a day between surveys, offers and coupons but I never have to see them :)
If you do get a message in your inbox you don't wish to see ever again move it to the "Unsubscribe" folder and OtherInbox will do the process for you!!
I can't tell you how great it is to not have to deal with unsubscribing from each email individually it's absolutely amazing!!
Now, back to business-
Remember these kind of things take time and patience! If you stick with it you can do fairly well in a months time..
Think about if you only earn $10/day, that's still an extra $300/month!!
That's a month's grocery bill for us!!
(The higher paying offers may require a purchase, but as an example, if you get $10 just for trying the product and all you have to pay is the $1.95 S&H you're still making $8.05 and receiving a free product.. just make sure it's something you would use or are interested in.. but honestly you can earn money without ever paying a cent!)

I'm still preparing for a rather large update!
The next update will include an extensive researched amount of mom resources
so don't miss out!!

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